February 28, 2014

New Office Hours:  Tuesday 2:00pm to 4:00pm and Friday 11:00am to 2:00pm.  For emergencies or other information please call 260 563 5700 or email The office is located on the back alley. When you enter walk down the hall and look left.  

Hudson House also has an app.  (One of the few apartment properties in the area that utilizes this futuristic technology).  Please use the app to keep up with what is happening in and around the Hudson House property.  It is also the best way to submit a work order.

Please do not leave the doors open for the security of the other tenants.

Rents are due on the first. Late if not paid by the tenth.  A $50 fee will be added at that time.  Also, $1.00 a day late fee will be added until all past due rents and fees are paid in full.

Please do not park motorized vehicles on the sidewalk.  If it needs to be secured please secure it to the rail nest to the dumpster.

The front door security locks are in please.  We need to change the codes but for this to happen I must email you the updated code.  Please send me an email to  with your name and apartment number. As soon as we receive the updated information we will email you the new code.  We will be making this change on Tuesday 3/4/2014.  Please do not give this code out because if you do the security system will not work as intended.